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IMGP1497 Wat at the Grand Palace, Bangkok IMGP1500 Wat at the Grand Palace, Bangkok IMGP1503 Wat at the Grand Palace, Bangkok IMGP1510 Do Suthep (?) near Chang Mai IMGP1513 Emerald Budda at Do Suthep (?) near Chang Mai IMGP1517 Tai Boxing at Chain Mai IMGP1527 The first White Karen Village hut IMGP1530 View while trekking IMGP1531 Crossing a river IMGP1547 The kids at the Red Lahu village sang us some songs IMGP1550 Our sleeping room at the Red Lahu Village IMGP1551 Morning market at the Red Lahu Village IMGP1553 The hut where we stayed in the Red Lahu Village IMGP1558 Red Lahu Village IMGP1562 A muzzle-loading rifle! IMGP1564 The elephants arrive... IMGP1572 Conor and Lisa on an elephant IMGP1573 Elephants IMGP1580 Elephants IMGP1589 Ashley giving some spectacles to an old lady at the White Karen Village IMGP1591 The White Karen sleeping huts IMGP1592 White Karen village IMGP1594 Crossing another stream IMGP1599 Crossing another stream IMGP1600 Crossing another stream IMGP1605 Crossing another stream IMGP1607 The scenery IMGP1609 The entrance to Cave Lod IMGP1613 Inside Cave Lod IMGP1617 Inside Cave Lod IMGP1625 Inside Cave Lod IMGP1632 Inside Cave Lod
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