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Hmm. Not sure what I should say here. How about a potted history of my working life...

Since March 2014, I have been working for Ghyston, a small company writing bespoke software, in central Bristol. Previously to September 2017 we were part of bigger company called Softwire.

Between June 2009 and Feb 2014 I worked for Oracle in Bristol, in a team working on the Business Intelligence tools.

For a short while, I worked for Hewlett Packard, in a team building a Digital Media Platform, for processing and distributing digital content for film studios and similar.

Previously, I worked for Andrew Network Solutions (who bought Xenicom in Jan 2005), writing software for mobile phone network operating companies.

This started out as part of a company called Æthos Communication Systems Ltd (web link is now defunct) in Bristol, then bought by Logica Aldiscon (also defunct) which was itself part of Logica. We used to be part of Logica Mobile Networks then became part of Logica UK (Telecoms: Radio Planning). Logica became LogicaCMG in December 2002. The team was sold to Xenicom in August 2003, and then Xenicom was bought by Andrew Network Solutions in Jan 2005.

Before this, I have worked for Orange, and Inmos.

E-mail me if you wish. Try conor at Here is my PGP key.

I have created a company called 'Puddle Enterprises Limited' which owns my domain name in addition to

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