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IMGP1693 Our first view of Ko Hai IMGP1697 'Paradise resort' on Ko Hai IMGP1700 Rubber trees IMGP1705 Thai boxing at Ko Lanta IMGP1708 Rubber collection IMGP1712 Squashing blocks of rubber into sheets, using mechanised 'mangle' IMGP1713 Sheets of rubber hanging to dry IMGP1719 A fishing village on Ko Lanta IMGP1730 The huts on Ko Lanta IMGP1733 Lisa on Phi Phi IMGP1734 Phi Phi IMGP1736 Phi Phi IMGP1737 Bamboo ladders for collecting birds nests for soup IMGP1738 Ko Phi Phi Ley IMGP1742 A monkey on Ko Phi Phi Don IMGP1747 Ko Phi Phi Don IMGP1759 Emerald resort near Krabi IMGP1760 Thai massage IMGP1761 Emerald resort near Krabi IMGP1763 Emerald resort near Krabi IMGP1766 Emerald resort near Krabi IMGP1782 Emerald resort near Krabi IMGP1787 Emerald resort near Krabi IMGP1788 Emerald resort near Krabi CNV00001 Leaving the Emerald Resort near Krabi - our last view of a beach CNV00002 The Emerald Resort CNV00014 Lisa and Conor sea kayaking CNV00005 Beach by the Emerald Resort CNV00008 Sea kayaking in the limestone cliffs and mangrove groves CNV00017 Nok's impression of a monkey CNV00020 Sea kayaking in the limestone cliffs and mangrove groves CNV00021 Lisa emerges from the Emerald Cave
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